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Site Updated July 17, 2024

Creatively themed Fine Art Birdhouses, Feeders, Sculptures, Models & TOB Branded Apparel. New releases each week.

If you like birds; you'll love our stuff.

Each Fine Art Sculpted Creation, A hand made one of a kind. Perfect for inspirational display or actual use.

Creative Fine Art Sculptures

Artistic Functional Models

Beautiful Birdhouses & Feeders

One Of A Kind Handmade Works

Steampunk accessories birdhouses and feeders

Inventive Birdhouse & Feeder Kits To Make

Fun Engaging Wooden Jewelry Kits to Craft 

Imaginative Gear, T-shirts Hoodies & More

Original Fine Art Wildlife Photos

Artistic birdhouses

Bird Supplies

steampunk mechanical abstract bird

TOB Body

TOB Hoodies

TOB Art Works

TOB Branded Gear

TOB Creative

TOB Prints

TOB Quality

TOB Quality

TOB Kit TOB Kit 

TOB Branded Gear

TOB Bird Gear


TOB B-Shirts

Imaginative Gear for your  Body. Cover yourself in Creativity, Color & Style

Shirts, Hoodies, Leggings & More (New Design Each Week)

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About Us


     Welcome to Tricked Out Birdhouse, where art meets function! We are a California-based studio that specializes in creating whimsical and colorful birdhouse sculptures that are handcrafted with the highest quality materials available.

     Rob, a skilled sculptor with a background in art history, and Pam, a muse of inspiration with passion, Together, we are committed to creating unique and visually stunning birdhouses that bring joy and imagination into people's lives.... . .  .   .


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