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Care & Instruction

Choose a category for Directions how to Assemble, Hang, Care for and Maintain your Treasures.

Apparel & Gear Care:


    For T-Shirts Please follow these instructions to maintain a great printed image and the fabric of the shirt.

    Do not bleach; Tumble dry: low heat; Iron, steam or dry: low heat; Machine wash: warm (max 40C or 105F); Do not dryclean.  Also do not ring the shirt out by hand as the twisting may separate and crack the Printed image over time.

T-shirt care

Birdhouse & Feeder Care:

Indoor Display:

    For indoor display purposes lightly dust your sculpture with a feather duster. Watch out for edges as some may catch a feather while dusting. you may also gently clean or wipe with a microfiber rag being careful not to snag any of the smaller details or pieces.


Outdoor Use:

    For outdoor display or use you may wet the item down with a spray bottle and let it soak for a moment, Then wipe with a cloth to clean up. For bird droppings that are hard to remove. Soak with the spray bottle a couple more times. This will soften the droppings and allow it to be removed easier.  Be careful not to snag any of the smaller details or parts.

    Some of the smaller traditional birdhouses or not coated on the inside. It is raw wood.  For these use caution when cleaning to keep water out.

    If you must wash the B-House out. Do so on a sunny day. Pour and shake any access water out of the B-Hole. Then place it in the sun with the B-Hole facing the sun so the water can evaporate. 

Outdoor Use Cautions:

    If displayed or used outdoors; Birds and wild animals may collect bedding and items/pieces attached or hanging from the birdhouse or feeder. This is especially true of the softer details such as the rope or cloth if any.  

    While I do take care in constructing and coating to protect every piece from the elements as much as I can.  Wild animals are unpredictable and will do what they do. Expect them to make your birdhouse their bird home. This applies to any birdhouse or feeder.





Birdhouse Care
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