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R. Lemoine Fine Art Sculpture Artist

     Welcome to my mind. In here you'll find everchanging inspiration, imagination and creativity in Fantasy, Sci-fi and whimsical Scratch and Upcycled Sculptures, Birdhouses and Feeders.

   I have traveled the world to many places and rocked them all.  I love love love different cultures and sites, places and people, arts and media's.  absorbing new inspiration everywhere I've gone. I have always liked art and even took a few collage courses.  That part wasn't really for me.  While I wasn't horrible; I found it very difficult to put my mind to pen or brush.  Working with different mediums from paint on canvas to metal and wood. creating what I saw in my imagination was difficult to translate in to an artistic form.  As a Creative Photographer on and off since the age of sixteen I never really left the artistic world. Eventually photographing wildlife in my recent years.

   After spinal injuries from 14 years in the US Army as a Bradley Commander/Infantry. life was very difficult performing jobs to my best ability or at all later on.  Even holding my camera is demanding. The past few years; Unable to get around I re-engaged Art finding that I was a wonderful Sculptor and able to duplicate almost anything to detail but for some reason that still didn't do it for me. Then two years ago that all changed stumbling on the medium that would charge my imagination with fantastical worlds of new and exciting things.  I started to build birdhouses and feeders.  Yeah weird huh.  But not just any.  I wanted to create an environment, a world, A feeling. A feeling that blended with my love for wildlife and birds. So I Made Sky City as a test (seen below).  This instantly sparked my imagination. I began to upcycle. Tearing down another object and changing it, cutting it, shaping it, Painting and detailing and weathering.  On a journey to the final result after weeks or months.  While I do love the journey, Creating from my heart and every feeling that I can imagine doesn't compare to when I get to see and play with the finished work and imagine it in a different world, space or time.  Yes I do play with them a bit.  

   My creations are all one of a kind works that take days to months to complete and are enjoyable to watch, to use and to display.  They are fun practical and entertaining. Most of all they make you feel good.  

   Most sculptures use about 80% new wood structures and materials.  10% real metals like copper and aluminum, and the rest is about 10% other materials like plastic, foils, screws and paints for details.

Rob is a Sculptor, Model maker, Photographer, Artist who's studio is currently on the west coast. 

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