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Welcome To Tricked Out Birdhouse!

Here we go... My first Blog for TOB (Tricked Out Birdhouse). I wasn't sure if I was going to actually Write a blog during my creative construction phase of "Making". But, It would be nice to show some progress on how I create my Art In hopes others may delve into their own creativeness and discover a whole new world. What I really want. Is to just Create. Listen to my books, music or Bobs Burgers in the background carving, gluing, painting away on a one of a kind project from the depths of my lost mind. Anxious and curious of what I will finish. A plan , an idea unfolding and changing right before my eyes and by my own hands. An adventure in my mind for sure.

Every build starts with an idea. Usually Sparked by an inspiring shape, Texture or color I may have glimpsed somewhere. I usually draw it out on a white board. If I'm out then it gets drawn on my phone. From there, who knows what happens. Not being indirect here, but that's the nature of creating something. It is an ever evolving flow of vision, changes and obstacles to challenge your mind.

My favorite part of the process is the design (Imagining it) and the final details. Imagining what I want the finished build to look like and choosing the items at my disposal to get as close to that vision as possible. Parts and items used for construction could be almost anything. Ninety nine percent of the build will most likely be Wood. Some parts may be plastic, metal, upcycled birdhouses, parts and just about anything.

Then the fun...The masterpiece is then painted, detailed, weathered and protective clear-coated. Finished, I photograph it in an animated scene and single, Place in a dust proof cover, examine or admire it one more time. Then I Carefully package for shipping and delivery. That's pretty much my system at the moment. If that changes I'll mention it here I guess.

So I have an idea for a couple of UFO houses and I'm working them out right now so check back in a bit and I May post my White Board photo. Subscribe and get notified when I post. This is also where I will first post the release dates for themed builds. This I will also explain in the next post. Hit the subscribe and I'll keep posting. You guys take care and have some fun. Until the next......

P.S. My next blog may be a few weeks away giving me time to finish up the website and prepping kit & Models.

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