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  • What is your Return & Refund Policy?
    With one exception on apparel (T-shirts and such. Click for details), All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. This is just not possible with our one of a kind hand made treasures and shipping costs. However, We want you to be happy with your purchase. We put our heart and soul into every creation and are proud of what we make and do. While possible; it is very very rare that there is a missing component, piece, part from a kit, or wrong color paint palettes. Please contact us within ten days of receiving your package and we will get you a replacement out ASAP. Please read all of our Policy HERE for the details. Policies & Shipping
  • How are Tricked Out Birdhouses Made & What of?
    All of our unique Birdhouses, Kits and Accessories are handmade and crafted in my tiny studio by Myself, Rob or Pam my wife. I create the themed sculptured birdhouses and the artwork for the clothing line. Pam focuses on painting and creating the smaller traditional B-Houses. Each unique piece is signed by the artist and is serial numbered. Our birdhouses are made of a variety of materials including wood, metal, and glass. We also use natural materials such as twigs and pinecones on occasion to give our birdhouses a unique and rustic look. About 95% of all sculptures is wood and the other 5% could be a mixture of anything from glass to plastic kit pieces, and recycled materials, all usually for the details. Each birdhouse is carefully crafted to ensure that it is of the highest quality that I can produce and to ensure that it will last for years to come. We use high quality lightfast paint and coatings. If properly cared for they should last almost forever. If you have any other questions about construction please contact us. Policies & Shipping
  • Who creates the Artwork & Photos for the TOB Brand?
    All artwork comes from my imagination. Each design may take days or even weeks to complete. I may use an ai generated image for a base or for inspiration and then change it and manipulate it and work it to my final goal. I will never use a direct ai image. I just don't believe anyone should sell an image not created or worked by human hands and mind on a canvas or a digital canvas. I spend days working a piece to my imagination. I use a Huion Kamvas pro 16 drawing display for all hand work.
  • What is weathering and why does it make a difference?
    Weathering is the application of realistic or exaggerated details that give models a realistic or semi-realistic look like it is worn or used. Adding weathering and details takes much more time than just painting; but adds a very unique and much more realistic presence. weathering can be different as some models are exaggerated, meaning it is a little over the top, it can be close to realistic, or I can do very little just to emphasize certain components. Policies & Shipping
  • What does the SN: coding mean?
    The serial number will denote who created the piece, production #, how much weathering, details or both, and where pricing will approximately land. see below for the Legend and how to read the SN: (note that the production #s 001-002-003-005-006 will have an S as the first digit which stated it was "special line". I changed the numbering system to the one below.) Example SN: R020B R = The Artist 020 = The Production Number (Every model is documented and Can be found by this.) B = The Detail Level (The main factor in time spent on the piece resulting in the pricing tier) Legend for detail level and lines: A= Our Raw products: Kits, Accessories Jewelry Etc. (Only Pieces hand-made by us will have a SN:) B= Our "Traditional" style works; Also called "OG". These are typically our classic line that look similar to the birdhouses you know and have seen. May have light details or light weathering. C= This starts our Themed & Premier Creations. They may have light to moderate Random Detail, Weathering or both. D= Some of the most prestigious pieces with the heaviest detail and weathering. Depending on what I am going for these. They could look more realistic or be over exaggerated to produce the look I'm after. X= Experimental or the "X-Line". These or the absoluter top tier works, Ornate and Superior highly detailed and usually larger than anything previous. I may only produce One or Two of these per year and may take months to create. These are Tricked Out Birdhouse top tier prized pieces. Policies & Shipping
  • Copyrights & Trademarks?
    All of my work is Copyrighted and or Trademarked. Logos, Name, Houses, Images and Artwork. Every piece is also signed by the artist/creator. Policies & Shipping
  • Who does your printing? and what shirts/fabric do you use?
    After many samples and much testing we have decided that Underground Threads will do our main printing as we have found that their shipping was slightly faster than others, The print is very sharp and represents what I have envisioned for my designs. We will use Swiftpod for our secondary printer and for our premium Comfort Colors shirts because they were very close to the same quality, shipping times and just as sharp a print as Underground Threads, They also had the Best selection of colors available. As for the T-Shirt Blanks we use to print.... After multiple samples and testing as above we found that the Bella & Canvas 3001 ring-spun cotton shirt was high quality and comfortable. It's a slightly fitted shirt that fit our designs perfectly and we could sell at a reasonable $34 ish range (including shipping. We do include shipping in the price) to be honest shipping & other fees kills pricing. During Testing I found The Comfort Colors brand of shirts and fell in love lol. This is a very consistent very high quality dyed ring-spun cotton T-Shirt that has a little bit of a vintage look and has a classic hang. It is very very comfy and is offered in many different colors not offered anywhere else. I am designing some birds for just specific Comfort Colors shirts because the look is so good. They are at a higher price point, $44 - $48 ish because well... you get what you pay for lol. The highest quality shirt I could find comes with the highest cost of goods. I am currently working on a review blog for all of the printers and shirts we tested. I will put a link here when I'm done ( about a week from now.)
  • How do you ship?
    We charge what it cost us to ship. Shipping may be through USPS or UPS. It really depends on what we are shipping. Most kits will be shipped USPS first class While Themed Sculptures Birdhouses Feeders will most likely go UPS ground or possibly shipped via a courier. I only charge a handling fee on the themed sculptures. This fee covers the crating, packaging and time to prepare, Insure and ship your piece of art. The fee may vary depending on the piece. Policies & Shipping
  • What are your Shipping times?
    Gear, T-shirts & apparel are sent directly to our printers at 8:00 pm to be placed into the production que. You should receive your package in approximately 7-10 business days. The Large pleated tote may take a couple of days longer as it is printed by Duplium in Canada. Shipping to California it has arrived consistently at 12 days. This time may be shorter for other delivery areas or shorter at other times or days. Themed Sculptures/Models are on a per item basis meaning that we will not know the shipping times until the item is crated and ready to ship to the particular location and the transportation has been decided for that particular piece. Please contact us for more details if needed. Traditional birdhouses feeders, accessories, kits etc. ship within a day and you should receive your order in 5-10 days. For more on shipping details, please see Terms & Conditions
  • How about the Totes and Bags?
    The Large Pleated tote is printed by Duplium, a Canadian printer and may take a couple of extra days to receive. This Tote was the largest we could find and Duplium was the only place to get it. It is a really great quality cotton canvas bag that is great to carry anything anywhere. he next tote is the Square cornered large tote. We have that printed at Monster digital. It is also a high quality cotton canvas bag that can be use for many different things. For our Really Awesome Lunch Bags. I love these lunch bags. They are very nice and really useful. They are printed at District Photo. These are a really handy perfect sized lunch bag. They are a high quality cotton canvas as well.
  • Do you ship overseas?
    Yes and No.... No we are not casually shipping overseas on a regular basis. However; Yes we will on the occasion IF you contact us directly. Shipping and handling for an overseas shipment will have an extremely inflated price due to the crating and shipping cost along with a handling fee. I am a very small operation and these charges cannot be avoided. These charges vary greatly in each case. If you are overseas and would like smaller products like our necklace kits and birdhouse kits. We would have a minimum order to ship. If you would like bulk kits for school projects please contact us directly. Apparel is shipped from my drop-shipper (monster Digital) so we will ship T-Shirts and the alike overseas. Policies & Shipping
  • What if?
    Just Contact Me right HERE. Policies & Shipping
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